What if the moment you needed a business letter drafted it magically appeared in your email in-box? 

Creating the perfect professional business letter is great when it’s done quickly…but it can be frustrating drafting it from scratch when you don’t know where to start. Business writing is a vital skill, but it may feel impossible to do if you’re a busy professional.

Avoid the hassle by allowing us to coach you through the process of creating documents that demonstrate how professional you are. 

Why make it more stressful than it needs to be? If you need lots of help…we’ve got you. If you just need a little document coaching… we’ve got that too!

Mistakes can be costly, so we help you create documents you can use in your business now. With our coaching you can create clear, and concise documents that won’t damage your credibility and or leave your readers confused. 

Jeboria S

…and the best part? Each document is crafted to meet your needs. 

Jeboria Scott

Hi I’m Jeboria.

I’m not only a leadership coach, but I’m also an experienced facilitator specializing in leadership development and business writing skills. I’m a consummate professional with more than two decades of business writing experience. One of my passions is coaching busy managers, executives, and entrepreneurs to create professional business letters and documents that help them focus on the main work by helping with the paperwork.

I’m a business owner and an industry professional just like you. I understand the pressure you feel when faced with deadlines and hectic schedules.  I also know how important it is to have help drafting smart business letters with skillfully crafted language when you need them. 

This service is for you if:

  • You lead multiple teams but you can’t find time for paperwork

  • You don’t enjoy writing professional business letters

  • You can’t find the right words so you struggle with communicating your thoughts professionally

  • You’re frustrated by the whole writing process and you’re overwhelmed trying to manage it all

Well, your worry is over. With this service, you will have convenience and an easy solution. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so that you can produce professional business documents that allow you to show up like the professional you are. This service is designed to help you:

  • Make writing easier

  • Communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly 

  • Produce better documents that demonstrate your business acumen

  • Document coaching; content collaboration; and proofreading 

  • A stress-free way to save time 


That’s why I am excited to share my business writing expertise and some of the most important business tools and techniques that any busy professional needs in their toolkit. We’ll help you with documents, letters and more!


Fyi here’s what this service is not:

  • A Virtual Assistant or creative writing service

  • A copywriting service

  • A technical writing service

  • Legal advice or legal document service


Let us help you take charge of your situation. We’ll make professional writing smooth sailing for you and your team today.  Yes please! I want to schedule a free 30min Needs Assessment call with you today.

Jeboria standing

Disclaimer: Because the nature of this service provides instant access to the product and confidential nature of the business service provided I do not offer samples of or refunds for this service. That being said I am always open to a conversation if there are extenuating circumstances. I’m also willing to provide additional testimonials upon request. You should also consult a lawyer as it relates to any legally binding contracts and documents that you intend to create using this service. The documents and coaching are not intended to replace sound legal advice or to supersede the advice of your human resource professional.

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