About Jeboria

Hi I’m Jeboria, welcome to my corner of the world. I’m a lifelong learner living in Nashville who is glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts, life, and journey with an online community. I invite you to join me on the process of discovery as we navigate challenging conversations together. I believe that there’s so much in store for us so let’s enjoy the ride. Read more below…

My Story

How I Got Started

My professional background is in coaching; strategic planning; and policy development. As a coach, I provide support to clients by engaging them in a way that is results oriented and promotes mutual respect and trust. I have more than 18 years professional learning, non-profit and public policy experience. I’ve also worked in the areas of  leadership development, program implementation and grant writing.


International Coach Federation

I left my home in The Bahamas to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fisk University. My studies continued after having completed a study abroad program in Belgium, Europe and undergraduate studies in Madrid, Spain. In the pursuit of knowledge I obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Tennessee State University.

I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds, and providing learning opportunities that promote growth and development. My personal mission statement is to leave a positive legacy by impacting the lives of others in a meaningful way.

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