Drive By Convos Privacy Policy

Effective Date: August 1, 2020

  1. Overview of Policy.

This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) relates to any information collected by J.K. Scott Enterprises (“J.K Scott”) when you use this website (“Drive By Convos”), including any associated media channels. This Policy also applies to any information we collect from you regarding the coaching/consulting services provided by J.K Scott through Drive By Convos. This Policy further describes the collection, use, disclosure, and security of your information – as well as your rights, choices, and other activities that relate to your information.

By accessing Drive By Convos and using our coaching/consulting services, you consent to the manner in which your information is used as described in this Policy. If you do not consent to this Policy, your only option is to refrain from using Drive By Convos and our coaching/consulting services.

  • The Information we collect from you.

When you access Drive By Convos or use our coaching/consulting services, we collect both personally identifiable information (“personal information”) and non-personally identifiable information (“non-personal information”). While you willingly submit personal information to us, non-personal information, on the other hand, is collected by us automatically through certain software or tools. Both are described further:

  • Personal Information: Personal information, like it sounds, is any information that is able to identify who you are and is personal to you. When you use Drive By Convos and our coaching/consulting services, we may collect personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and demography (age and gender). This personal information may be collected through the following means:
  • Newsletter: When you subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of Drive By Convo’s footer or other parts of Drive By Convos, you will be required to submit your name and email address.
  • Contact Us: When you contact us using the “Contact Us” section on Drive By Convos or message us directly to our email address, we collect name, email address, and the message.
  • Client Assessment: In order to access how to provide the coaching/consulting services to you, we will need to first access you through a “needs to know assessment questionnaire” and a coaching/consulting agreement, which will be emailed to you. When you fill the documents, the personal information you attach will be available to us.
  • Comments: When you comment on any blog/article posted on Drive By Convos, your name will be submitted along with your comment.
  • Promotions or Surveys: When you take part in our promos or surveys, you will be required to submit certain personal information in order to register for such promotions or surveys.
  • Non-Personal Information: Non-personal information is any information that may not be directly used to identify who you are unless combined with other information. Third party service providers and we use cookies and certain software or tools to automatically collect non-personal information when you access Drive By Convos and our YouTube channel. We collect the following non-personal information:
  • Analytics Information: We use Google Analytics, a third party analytic tracking tool from Google Inc. that helps us with analytics information. Analytic information includes information about traffic on our YouTube channel.
  • Cookie Information: We engaged the services of third party service providers who set cookies and other tracking tools to track certain information non-personal information about you. For example, we use MailChimp to track the number of users who opened certain emails that we send to our email list. Cookies do not collect personal information; they are used to provide our services and our marketing campaign.
  • How We Use Your Information.

The information we collect – whether personal or non-personal – is for specific purposes, including the following:

  • To access you and provide you the coaching/consulting services;
  • To form a contract with you for record purposes;
  • To add you to our mailing list and send you newsletters regarding bonuses, promotions, and attend to your requests.
  • To send you any documents, including agreements that are related to the coaching/consultant services;
  • To identify which part of our marketing programs are working and how to improve our coaching/consulting services;
  • To monitor analytics on our YouTube channel and share it with brands to seal deals;
  • To keep a record of sessions for record purposes and as required by the ICF; and
  • To comply with applicable set laws and to protect our rights and properties.
  • How We May Disclose Your Information

The information we collect when you use Drive By Convos and our coaching/consulting services is collected to provide the coaching/consulting services and strengthen our business interest. We do not share or sell any information to third parties. Also, the coaching/consulting session notes are accessible only by the coach/consultant (Jeboria Scott). However, certain circumstances may prompt us to share certain information about you, which includes sharing with:

  • Third Party Service Providers: We use third party service providers (“Service Providers”) to perform certain tasks such as email tracking, analytics monitoring, website maintenance, and marketing. Some of these Service Providers may have access to your information in order to carry out their obligations. For example, we hire MailChimp to track if users opened the email we send to them. In order for MailChimp to be able to provide this service, they may need access to the email addresses in our email list. However, Service Providers are under obligation to only use any information we share with them for the task we contracted them to perform. They do not have our permission to use your information for other activities.
  • International Coach Federation: The International Coach Federation (“ICF”) is the coaching body that is saddled with accrediting individual coaches. For accreditation purposes, IFC requires coaches to submit clients’ email addresses and the coaching hours (not coaching sessions) logged with them. The coaching hours logged will not contain any personal information.
  • Business Affiliates: In circumstances where J.K Scott affiliates with other companies, such as during a merger, acquisition, sale of an asset, or a consolidation, J.K Scott may need to share its users’ information with the affiliated company.
  • The Law: We may share information about you under the law. For example, there may be a court order, subpoena, or other legal summonses by law enforcement or a court to share information about you. In that case, we may have to comply. However, the sharing of your information under the law will be communicated to you (if possible). We may also share information about you if we believe in good faith that such sharing will protect J.K Scott’s rights or properties or the rights or properties of a third party.
  • Interest-Based Advertising

J.K Scott works with Service Providers who help us understand the traffic on Drive By Convos and our YouTube Channels, including the source of traffic, the effectiveness of our marketing campaign, and how Drive By Convos is being used. These Service Providers use certain technologies such as cookies and web beacons, which may help them send you targeted advertisements on other websites. We also may share with these Service Providers certain non-personal information to help them with the services they provide for us.

  • How Long We Store Your Information

We do not keep any information for longer than is necessary. For any personal information shared with J.K Scott during any coaching/consulting sessions, it will be stored on a personal hard drive accessible only to Jeboria Scott. It will remain until the end of the coaching/consultant agreement or anytime the agreement terminates. For your email address: we will delete it when you opt-out of newsletters. You can opt-out of newsletters by using the “unsubscribe” link in any newsletter we send to your email address.

  • Information Security

We are aware of the need to keep your personal information from third party access or use. We use all safety measures to ensure your information is confidential. For example, only Jeboria Scott has access to any personal information you share during coaching/consulting sessions, including the coaching/consulting notes. Such information is stored in a personal computer, on a separate folder. We do not share or sell your information with any third party company – unless as described under section 4 above. However, you are aware that no method of information is 100% accurate. Although we will always strive to keep your information safe from third party access or use, we can not guarantee 100% that your information will always be safe.

  • User Comments

For marketing purposes, we may post and share certain reviews and comments (each a “Comment”) from our YouTube channel to Drive By Convos. Such a Comment will contain any personal information such as the name/username of the poster as used on YouTube. By posting Comments on our YouTube channel, you hereby grant us the license to use such a Comment and any likeness on Drive By Convos and any other media channel existing now or to be later developed. You also agree that anyone accessing Drive By Convos will also have access to your Comment and any personal information attached to it.

  • User Choices and Rights

With respect to our coaching/consulting services and the information we have about you; you have the right, at any time, to request the deletion of the coaching/consulting sessions notes we hold about you. You can make this request by reaching out to Jeboria Scott – in writing – to the following email address:

  1. Links to other Websites

Occasionally, certain parts of Drive By Convos may contain links that contain adverts and other contents from third party websites (“Third Party Links”). Any Third Party Links posted on Drive By Convos belong to third party websites, and do not in any way link to our coaching/consulting services – neither does this Policy apply to them. If you access any Third Party Links through Drive By Convos, the privacy policy of such Third Party Link will apply to any information you share. You hereby take responsibility for whatever information you may lose from any Third Party Links accessed through Drive By Convos.

  1. Children Policy

Drive By Convos and our coaching/consulting services are provided to users of at least 18 years of age. If you are below 18 years of age, you may not use Drive By Convos or submit your email address to receive our newsletters.

  1. Updates to this Policy

This Policy may be reviewed and updated at any time with or without notice and liability to you. Updates to this Policy may be due to changes in our coaching/consulting services, applicable law, or a feature on Drive By Convos or other channels. Updates to this Policy will be effective when the Effective Date above changes. When you continue accessing Drive By Convos after any updates to this Policy, it constitutes your acceptance of such updates.

  1. Contact Information

If you have any inquiries, questions, complaints, suggestions, and feedback about this Policy, Drive By Convos, and our coaching/consulting services, reach out to J.K Scott via the contact information below:

J.K Scott Enterprises
(615) 510-1730
P.O. Box 331492 Nashville, TN 37203