It’s Time For You To Get Promoted Fast!

Tired of getting passed up for promotions? Ready to get noticed as a capable professional and get paid fairly for your work? How To Get Promoted Fast, the no-fluff, good-stuff guide to landing the job of your dreams today, can get you there.

How To Get Promoted Fast Ebook

About The Book

In this 17 page eBook from International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and long-time boss babe Jeboria Scott, you’ll learn how to avoid making the mistakes that cost potential leaders and managers promotions. You’ll learn how to slay your interviews, master the boardroom boss mentality, and play the long game to reach the top rungs of the corporate ladder. This book comes with a no BS, just facts guarantee. What are you waiting for? Download How To Get Promoted Fast today for the boss babe bargain deal of $19.99

Jeboria Scott

About the author.

Jeboria Scott is a leadership coach and consultant with more than two decades of experience in nonprofit and public sector management. Jeboria knows firsthand the challenges and frustration that businesses face gauging leadership bench strengths to remain competitive within their industries.

She has coached managers and business owners on how to maximize their leadership potential to build strong teams, excel in business, and succeed in the marketplace.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Jeboria has her own business, Drive By Conversations, where she helps clients embark on successful career paths and achieve business goals that bring them true happiness and fulfillment. Jeboria is passionate about leading for the new age. She loves travel, fashion, and helping new and emerging leaders level up. 

Jeboria Scott